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London Pilot 2012

Since April 2012 Astrium has been carrying out a pilot project around London to demonstrate the concepts for delivering the Emissions Measurement Service.
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To launch its new service, Astrium has installed a network of Picarro sensors around London. They provide continuous CO2 concentrations measurement.
  Measurements of vertical profiles of GHG concentrations are important for constraining flux estimates from the model. As in the European IAGOS project, Astrium is putting Picarro CRDS analyzers on aircraft to measure vertical profiles.
  For our London 2012 campaign, we realised an exhaustive data acquisition campaign. To demonstrate the capabilities of our service, we combined ground, air and space measurements.


The ASV Bus  
For our London 2012 campaign, we have set-up a mobile platform to measure CO2 concentrations in London. The Astrium Bus comprises a meeting lounge for our guests and terminals to visualise the real-time green-house gases concentrations measurements.