London Pilot Project // Summer 2012
Climate change is the greatest threat and the toughest challenge mankind has ever faced. Ever-rising greenhouse gas emissions drive this global change. Astrium offers a unique service which uses real measurements of greenhouse gases from space, in the air and on ground, providing real data to improve our knowledge of greenhouse gas emissions at city, national and global scales

Latest news

Astrium and its partners launch a new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measurement Service

This greenhouse gas Emissions Measurement Service takes readings of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane gas concentrations, which are fed into an atmospheric and transport model to determine the CO2 equivalent emissions at a national level, with associated uncertainties and identify the sources of these emissions.

Customers subscribing to the service will be supplied regularly (quarterly, monthly or more frequently if requested) with the following information:

  1. 3D visualisation and localisation of each gas emission source over space and time 
  2. Computed measurement of CO2 equivalent
  3. Expert interpretation of results

They will be guaranteed a high and consistent quality of service based on a service level agreement.

National service   City service
National Service   #
Our National Greenhouse Gas Measurement Service is dedicated to provide transparent and reliable GHG concentrations at a national scale.
  Our Greenhouse Gas Measurement Service can be provided at a city scale.


Monitoring and controlling greenhouse gas
emissions is crucial at both international and major
city level.
Direct measurements to verify actual greenhouse
gas levels in the atmosphere are now urgently
needed to augment the current method of
estimation from inventories of emissions sites.
The Astrium service will provide an invaluable
complement to the inventory-/estimation-based
(‘bottom-up’) method. Astrium’s approach
guarantees a service that is:
Cost-efficient: End-to-end service offer with no
capital investment required from customers and a
high quality of service defined in a Service Level
Trustworthy: Independently measured data with
improved accuracy
Always up to date: Data updates provided
quarterly, monthly or more frequently if requested
Reliable: Rigorous service delivery model
underpinned by partnerships with established
international experts (the UK’s National Centre for
Earth Observation and Centre for Carbon
Measurement, and France’s Laboratoire des
Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement)
An all-in-one solution: Secure on-line interface
to easily understand greenhouse gas measurements
for your area of interest
Unfailingly supportive: Regular and on-demand
professional support and advice
Seamlessly global: Deployable anywhere in the
Optimal in use of technology: Built on
cutting-edge technologies and dynamic modelling
Astrium’s Emissions Measurement Service enables
easy tracking and quantification of the effectiveness
of environmental control policies and climate change
mitigation actions taken at international, national,
regional and city levels.
It complements the existing inventory-based
solutions used today by organisations with
responsibility for local inventories, national
environment ministries, and international bodies.


London measurement campaign 2012

Astrium will demonstrate its newly developed greenhouse gas (GHG) Emissions Measurement Service for London during July and August 2012. Our London Pilot project combines ground measurements from a network of 4 sensors around London, airborne measurements campaigns and spaceborne data collection. On top of that, The Astrium Bus will also house a mobile GHG sensor. The bus will be driven around a fixed route every day to detect GHG concentrations at road level. More information on the London Campaign. More information on London 2012.